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        For Mores - One Name Matches All !  After years of Research and Development, For Mores is like its slogan which is able to design, develop and customize a variety of molds and rubber products. Our custom rubber products are extensively used on Automotive industry, Semi-conductor industry, Oil, Gas and Chemical industry, Hydraulic industry, Food and  Drug equitment industry, New Energy industry and industry-wide grades.

         For Mores serves as the market leader due to the following:

To choose suitable material in all kinds of environment for customers, enable all kinds of materials to bring the most effective function and deliver the relative low manufacturing cost.

Molds are used of computer CNC Milling which enhance products' accuracy and quality.

Raw materials are from well known suppliers which are conformed with ROHS compliance.

For Mores  is also approved by SGS examination and ROHS cmpliance and standard.

The use of Vacuum vulcanizing machineto control product quality.

The advanced Optical measurement system which enhance the accuracy and quality of products' size.

Through the Supply Chain Management, from the develop of molds to the finished products, the efficient and consistent process saves the cost for the company and customers.

Our goal is - High quality, Profession, Efficiency, Responsibility, Cooperate!


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Vacuum compression machines

Automated Optical Inspection


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